ALSA Local Chapter Airlangga University is one of the 14 Local Chapters in Indonesia, located in the city of Surabaya, East Java Province. ALSA Unair is one of the founders of the Asian Law Student’s Association. In the beginning there was encouragement of laws students in Indonesia to create an association of law student at the Asian level. The idea was also manivested at the Asian Law Student Conference held in Jakarta on May 18th 1989, which was the beginning of the Asian Law Student’s Association (ALSA). Along with the rapid development of technology and interaction through communication with the principle of globalization, the Asian Law Students (ALSA) decided to expand the network and friendship between Law Student in Asian countries.

Now, Srilanka, Laos, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Philipina, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Macau, Brunei, China, Hongkong, Malaysia, and Taiwan agreed to unite to become the Asian Law Student’s Association (ALSA). Until now, ALSA LC Unair has the status as one of 15 semi-autonomous bodies (BSOs) at the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University. Until now, there are 304 active members of the ALSA LC Airlangga University in 2021 and until now the number of ALSA LC Airlangga Alumni is 813 people. 

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