Greetings, future ALSAians!

OLMA 2023 is about ready to take off! 🛫
We are excited to announce the registration of OLMA ALSA LC Unair 2023 🌞🌟
This event will be held in 2 parts, which are:
📆 Pra-OLMA on 30th October 2023
📆 OLMA on 3rd–5th November 2023
You will be able to register between 23rd–28th October 2023
Here are the requirements and how to register yourself:
1. Follow ALSA LC Unair’s (@alsalcunair) and OLMA ALSA LC Unair’s (@olma_alsalcunair) instagram account, don’t forget to screenshot the page.
2. Registration will require a payment for Rp85.000,- Please make your payment ONLY to the account number listed on the form, make sure to take a screenshot or picture of your proof of payment.
3. Don’t forget to post IG stories and Twibbon using the templates provided in linktr.ee/olmalcunair, screenshot the proof.
4. Fill in the registration form on alsalcunair.org/olmalcunair with your information and attach the screenshots or proof of the requirements as stated on step number 1, 2, and 3.
5. Once you have submitted the form, you will then be contacted by our committee to join the OLMA 2023 participant group. If by 12 hours you have not been invited, please contact our contact persons below.
6. Participants must attend all the series of events from OLMA, starting with Pra-OLMA on October 30th, 2023 until OLMA on November 3rd–5th, 2023
Please remember that THE QUOTA IS LIMITED!⏳️ So, go fill in the form NOW and prepare yourself to be called an ALSAians!🔥
For further information, please contact:
  • Rachel
    line: ohjeh
    WhatsApp: 0881036792186
  • Delia
    line: deliasitaa
    WhatsApp: 085236118028

OLMA 2023,
Gain the Progress, Enjoy the Process!

Contribute and Develop as One,
May ALSA, Always be One! ☝🏻

© 2023 ALSA Local Chapter Universitas AIrlangga.